NIBRT is expanding our ATMP research and training capabilities

Coming Soon ATMP Extension

NIBRT has commenced an exciting large-scale expansion to our existing building. This expansion will increase NIBRT’s capability in Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) including Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) research and training. The €21 million project is funded by the IDA Ireland and the Government of Ireland and includes:

  • A 1,800m2 extension
  • Five laboratories dedicated to ATMP therapy research
  • Two training suites dedicated to ATMP training

The new ATMP extension is due to launch in Q2 2023 and the facility will become an integral part in placing Ireland at the forefront of ATMP research, training and innovation.

ATMP Research at NIBRT

The new extension will include five new laboratories dedicated to research focused on the manufacture and characterisation of ATMPs. NIBRT's current research interests and capabilities in this space include:

  • Human (HEK293) and insect (SF9) production systems for AAV and LV gene therapy vector production
  • Next generation sequencing approaches to identifying mispackaging of viral genomes
  • Genetic engineering approaches to enhancing gene therapy vector yield and activity
  • Novel MS-based analytical methods for viral capsid and genome characterisation
  • Epi-transcriptomic modification to enhance RNA characteristics as a therapeutic modality
  • Chemical modification of RNA to improve vaccine stability

NIBRT is now actively recruiting and developing research teams focused on the characterisation and manufacture of ATMPs. If you are interested in current opportunities in this space please contact Prof Niall Barron .

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ATMP Training at NIBRT

NIBRT’s ATMP training curriculum encompass a blended approach of online, classroom and practical sessions related to the manufacturing of cell therapies, gene therapies and vaccines. The curriculum is developing rapidly and current training programmes include:

NIBRT Online Academy

  • Introduction to Cell Therapy
  • Introduction to Gene Therapy
  • Viral Vector Manufacturing, a suite of five online courses covering upstream scale up, downstream processing and analytics of viral vectors used in gene therapy
  • Free webinars on Vaccine Manufacturing

Practical courses

A key focus is on the delivery of competency-based, hands-on practical sessions utilising best-in-class equipment and facilities to our clients. Current courses available include:

  • Advanced Cell Therapy
  • Cellular Immunotherapy
  • Fundamentals of Vaccine Manufacturing
  • Gene Therapy
  • Overview of ATMPs and Cell, Gene Therapies
  • Stem Cell Therapy

For further information of how NIBRT can support your ATMP training requirements, please contact

Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy and Vaccine Forum

In 2018, NIBRT working with a broad coalition of stakeholders established the Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy and Vaccine Manufacturing Forum (CGTV Forum) in order to address the opportunity for Ireland to capitalise on the burgeoning therapeutic and commercial interest in advanced therapies.

NIBRT has been working closely with the CGTV Forum to develop a website that will act as a central portal for information on the ATMP industry in Ireland including latest news, an extensive database and training and investment opportunities. The website is due to launch in September 2022 and further information on CGTV Forum is available from Prof Niall Barron