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Our research programmes cover all aspects of the biopharma manufacturing process

NIBRT Research

NIBRT performs world class, industry-aligned research in all areas of biopharmaceutical manufacturing with the overarching aim of delivering practical solutions for the biopharma industry.

Driving integration of the key components of manufacturing (process, facilities and infrastructure) to enable greater degrees of productivity and “right first time” product quality is a key deliverable of this research.

The NIBRT strategy in manufacturing research focuses on enhanced product quality and productivity. To achieve this, there are four central strands of research that are interconnected by NIBRT’s Principal Investigators. These elements; Cell Biology and Engineering, Bioanalytics, Advanced Manufacturing and Bioinformatics and Data Analytics span the disciplines of molecular biology, bioprocess engineering, protein analytics and bioinformatics.

Many biopharmaceutical themes are supported by the NIBRT research strategy such as technology innovation, cell line development, continuous processing and single use technologies. These areas of research along with many others are reinforced by the numerous relationships that NIBRT has developed with funding institutions, academic partners and industry associations.

NIBRT Science Advisory Board:

Dr Robert Baffi, Prof Martin Clynes, Prof. Charles Cooney,  Dr Matt Croughan, Prof Gavin Davey, Prof Alan Dickson, Prof. Brian Glennon, Dr Brendan Hughes, Prof Barry Karger, Barry McCarthy, Prof. Pauline Rudd

The NIBRT Research Team

Our research team cover all aspects of the biopharma manufacturing process

Michael Butler

Michael Butler is the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)...

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Pauline Rudd

Professor Pauline M. Rudd PhD, MA (Oxon), BSc, LRIC, FISSR is the...

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Jonathan Bones

Dr. Bones obtained his BSc in Analytical Science...

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Niall Barron

Niall Barron was appointed NIBRT Principal Investigator and...

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Colin Clarke

Dr. Clarke graduated with a PhD in Bioinformatics...

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Radka Fahey

Dr Fahey joined the GlycoScience group in May...

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NIBRT Research Staff

NIBRT Research Office

Ciara McManus
Acting Research Programme Manager


Jennifer Byrne
Research Programme Manager

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NIBRT HRS4R Action Plan

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Case Studies

Tyndall National Institute

Working with theTyndall National Institute Tyndall National Institute, Cork, and the National Institute for Bioprocessing...

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Thermo Fisher Scientific

  NIBRT & ThermoFisher Scientific NIBRT are developing workflows using ThermoFisher Scientific technology including the...

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