Research Integrity at NIBRT

Research Integrity and Training 

NIBRT joined the national 3 year-pilot in Research Integrity (2018-2021) training in 2019. This pilot training, negotiated by the Research Integrity Forum is funded by the IUA, SFI, HRB, EI, IRC, DAFM, EPA and The Marine Institute. The training is currently running in institutes of higher education around the country. The advanced online training in Research Integrity covering every stage of the research process is available and provided by Epigeum (Oxford University Press), a leading provider of online courses for the university sector.

Two training course options are available to all research staff and students at NIBRT;

  • Research Integrity. This introductory level course is aimed at PhD students and early career researchers. The course takes approximately 5 hours with a possible 25-30 hours of additional activities.
  • Research Integrity Concise. This shorter course (45-70 mins duration) is designed for more experienced staff and NIBRT have encouraged all PI’s to partake in this course.

All researchers must successfully complete an assessment at the end of the course for which they will receive a certificate of completion. Please be advised that this certificate should be retained as evidence for future grant reporting or proposal submission.


If you would like to access the online Research Integrity training courses or require further information, please contact Dr Ciara McManus at


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