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About NOA

Developed by the award-winning NIBRT, the NIBRT Online Academy (NOA) is an online learning platform.

This new online training academy will allow trainees who may not be able to attend NIBRT to experience NIBRT training, online.

NOA provides easy access, interactive and cost-effective online learning options on all aspects of biopharma manufacturing.

How NOA Works

NOA offers a constantly updated library of on-demand online courses. Courses are 45-90 minutes duration.

The online courses are both immersive and interactive and offer quality industry-specific training in bite-sized chunks of information.

NOA courses can also be accessed via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Why Train with noa

NOA’s training programs are designed to be efficient and beneficial to individuals and companies alike, making the most of your valuable time while giving you a competitive edge in today’s biopharma market.

NOA is focused on assisting the career development of those involved in biopharma manufacturing, recent graduates, entry/mid-level management working in biopharma and associated industries

Welcome to NOA

The National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) has launched its first fully online learning platform, the NIBRT Online Academy. NOA is designed to assist the skills and career development of those involved in biopharma manufacturing.

We offer easy access, immersive and interactive online learning on all aspects of biopharma manufacturing. If you wish to find out more about NOA view our course listing below or just hit the contact button below. 

NOA Course Overview

General Overview: Cell Biology and Recombinant DNA Technology
eLearning, 45min, Free
General Overview: Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
eLearning, 45min, €99.00
General Overview: Biotechnology and Biopharmaceuticals
eLearning, 45min, €99.00
Upstream Processing: Bioreactors in Bioprocessing
eLearning, 45min, €99.00
Upsteam Processing: Fermentation in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
eLearning, 45min, €99.00
Upsteam Processing: Bioreactor Operations
eLearning, 1h 30min, Free
Upsteam Processing: Cell Culture in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
eLearning, 45min, €99.00
Downstream Processing: Centrifugation
eLearning, 45min, €99.00
Downstream Processing: Ultrafiltration and Diafiltration
eLearning, 45min, €99.00
Downstream Processing: Protein Purification - Chromatography
eLearning, 45min, €99.00
Aseptic Processing: Gowning
eLearning, 45min, €99.00
Aseptic Processing: Decontamination and Sterilization Technologies
eLearning, 45min, €99.00
Aseptic processing: Cleanrooms and Control Technologies
eLearning, 45min, €99.00
Clean In Place
eLearning, 45min, €99.00
Freeze Drying
eLearning, 45min, €99.00
Aseptic Processing: Contamination Control
eLearning, 45min, €99.00
Formulation in the Biopharmaceutical Industry
eLearning, 45min, €99.00
Process Validation 2 : Process Qualification and Control
eLearning, 45min, €99.00
Process Validation 1: Process Design
eLearning, 45min, €99.00
Vaccine and Immunity
eLearning, 20min, FREE
Introduction to Viruses
eLearning, 5min, FREE
Good Handwashing Technique
eLearning, 5min, FREE

NOA Testimonials

I undertook “Bioreactor Operations” course in April 2020. I was extremely impressed with the course due to its informative content, visuals and extensive explanations. “Bioreactor Operations” is a suitable course for somebody still in college, or current industry professionals working in Biotechnology.

NIBRT have an extremely impressive teaching methodology; providing a great level of detail on each of their courses.

The course provides an easy-to-navigate platform and gives extensive detail in relation to general Bioreactor Operations.

This is one of many courses I have undertaken with NIBRT, and they continue to impress with their well-structured, creative and informative courses; I look forward to learning more from NIBRT.

Paul Branigan-Consultant: Validation Engineer, Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Understanding the working and fundamentals of Bioreactors are a must in the Biotechnology sector. I completed the self-paced “Bioreactor Operations” course from NOA. I highly recommend it, as it includes very informative diagrammatic presentations bundled with MCQs at the end of every taught concept to test your understanding.

It’s a short and easy to understand course which intricately explains everything about a Cell Culture Bioreactor. It explains the components of a Bioreactor Design, critical control process parameters for Scale-Up, the functioning of Batch modes including Fed and Continuous Batch, and the effect of factors ranging from Amperometric Electrochemical probes, Optimum pH, dO2 levels, temperature, etc. on the functioning of Bioreactors.

Ireland has a booming Biotechnology, Bioprocessing & Biopharmaceutical segment, and employers highly value the experience from leading research institutes such as NIBRT. As a Biotechnology student, the certificate of course completion, steep learning curve and invaluable learning NOA offers will add an entirely new dimension to my student profile.

Steve Paul: Student

I recently completed the Bioreactor Operations course from the NIBRIT online academy. The course - informative, easy to navigate and engaging - was a great intro to bioreactor design, scale-up, different bioreactor operating modes and critical control parameters to consider. I was relieved by how engaging and easy to follow the content was in an online format. I was easily able to complete the course in the free time I had from work, and even looked at some parts while commuting. Having completed the course I'll certainly look into completing more relevant courses as I move forward in my career.

Overall I found the NOA engaging, and easy to interact with. I'll certainly be taking more courses from the platform.

Ronan Duffy: Student, Trinity Collage Dublin

''NIBRT is synonymous with quality training and their online facility (NOA) provided an invaluable opportunity to upskill during the recent shutdown of the country.

 Having recently completed courses offered from NOA on varied topics such as Bioreactor Operations and Biotechnology & Biopharmaceuticals, I found my overall experience of the NOA facility to be a positive aid towards my future career development. 

 The courses themselves were thorough, detailed and insightful while not being too time consuming. All aspects of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process are provided for through the available course catalogue. Regular updates from NOA on their newest suggested courses were also offered.

 All levels of experience within the pharmaceutical industry are catered for and from my experience, the courses have been designed in such a way as to allow the learner to benefit from user friendly content.  

 Their wide-ranging course catalogue allows the opportunity to invest in your both own knowledge and potential. I thoroughly recommend taking the time to enroll in NOA courses''

Ciaran Gethings: Student, Trinity Collage Dublin

I have attended courses (on-site) at NIBRT in the past and as current challenges mean that I (like many others) am working at home, I was delighted to see that they were offering a range of courses on line at a minimal charge.

I initially undertook one course on Bioreactors and enjoyed the challenge as it distracted me from emails and (the dreaded never-ending inbox!) for a few hours. Upon completion, I appreciated that this had provided me with a succinct introduction to Bioreactors and also will assist me in deciding which topics I would like to focus further on and possibly undertake more studies on.

I am currently setting myself a target of one course a month as this not only assists me in my role but it also inspires me to set new challenges for myself and continue to learn new skills each month. I have recently completed the virus and vaccine courses and found them informative, yet “painless” and I have included this information in my annual appraisal as this ensures that my organisation know that I am investing my time wisely.

Carmel O'Dwyer: Genevac/SP Scientific APAC Channel Manager

NIBRT Online Academy ( NOA )

Easy access, immersive and interactive online learning on all
aspects of biopharma manufacturing

To find out more please contact us at:, call us on +353 1 215 8100