Introduction to Gene Therapy


This introductory 2.5 day course in NIBRT will provide a background to the underlying concepts of gene therapy, including viral vector-based therapies and nuclease-mediated gene editing. In addition, practical hands-on sessions will introduce the technologies that are commonly used for the manufacture of these ground-breaking products. This includes technologies for the culture of suspension and adherent cells as well as downstream purification of the gene therapy products.

Key topics covered

  • Define gene therapy and explain its potential applications in various medical fields.
  • Differentiate between in-vivo and ex-vivo gene therapies.
  • Outline various methods for delivering therapeutic genes into target cells, including viral and non-viral vectors.
  • Discuss the applications and challenges of gene editing for therapeutic purposes.

Who should attend

This course is ideal for anyone with an existing knowledge of biopharmaceutical processes and is looking to increase their knowledge of the expanding areas of cell and cell-based therapies.

What do Attendees Obtain on Completion?

Attendees will receive a certificate of completion.


Introduction to Gene Therapy


3 - Intro to Gene Therapy

Course Format

Onsite Training at NIBRT

  •  2.5 days onsite training at NIBRT facility

Dates & Price

  • Course 1
    02/12/2024 - 04/12/2024

    NIBRT Onsite Course


    3 Places Remaining

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