Free PLANOVA Seminar at NIBRT brought to you by AsahiKASEI BIOPROCESS


Learn nanofiltration theory and technique from the pioneers in virus removal filtration. This free one-day seminar will enable participants to remove doubts, deepen understanding and reinforce techniques for practical application during operations using PLANOVA filters.

Participants will learn generalities about virus removal and virus safety, the theories behind each necessary step of the operating procedures, perform hands-on practical training, and receive consultative advice from our experts.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion the participants of this seminar the learner will:

  • Have an overview of viral safety and current guidelines and regulations
  • Have an overview of Planova virus removal filters
  • Have understood virus filtration principles and procedures
  • Have understood principles/requirements of filter integrity testing
  • Have understood the challenges in virus filtration¬†
  • Have gained hands-on experience with different process set-ups at manufacturing scales
  • Have gained experience in troubleshooting and optimization of virus removal filtration


This Seminar is designed for people working in Process Development, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, and Virus safety.

Registrations is free but participants must register in advance.


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  1. Full day Seminar: 5 June 2024, 09.00 – 17.15 (includes theory and practical) Register here