Upcoming Webinar: Rapid Micro Methods in QC Micro Testing: A NIBRT Perspective

Join us for a free webinar presented by NIBRT in collaboration with bioMérieux, Charles River, and Thermo Fisher Scientific. In this insightful webinar, you’ll learn about some of the advanced Rapid Micro Method (RMM) systems that are being adopted by biopharma companies worldwide, and how they are changing the face of QC Microbiological testing. 

Title: Rapid Micro Methods in QC Micro Testing: A NIBRT Perspective

Date & Time: November 2, 2023, at 2:00 PM (Dublin time)


Key Webinar Topics:

  • bioMérieux RMM Technologies: Innovative rapid micro methods that empower bioproduction and CGT sites to optimise the quality control of their products and processes. bioMérieux will use examples of innovations to demonstrate how BACT/ALERT, Endonext and BIOFIRE MYCOPLASMA rapid/alternative micro methods bring advantages, to these industries, over traditional methods in terms of efficiencies and savings.
  • Charles River RMM Technologies: Updates on several automation options within the Micro field, covering aspects of Endotoxin and Microbial Identifications, with a focus on Celsis Rapid Sterilty Method.
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific RMM Technologies: Presenting rapid DNA-based solutions for contaminant testing and microbial identification. Focused on the MicroSEQ™ Rapid Microbial Identification System, a complete solution for reliable genotypic microbial identification. Leveraging the SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer an easy-to-use, low maintenance benchtop system that delivers gold-standard Sanger sequencing technology. 

Learning Outcomes

By attending this webinar you will:

  • Discover the latest trends and innovations in the field of Rapid Micro Methods and how they are shaping the future of QC Microbiological testing.
  • Learn about the potential cost savings and efficiency improvements that RMM systems can bring.
  • Learn the advantages of RMM systems over traditional QC Microbiological methods.
  • Discover how these systems can be utilised in the growing field of Cell & Gene Therapy.