NIBRT Welcomes Professor Mark Smales as Newest Principal Investigator, Expanding Expertise in Bioprocessing Research

The National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Mark Smales as its newest Principal Investigator.

Professor Smales will join NIBRT under a joint appointment partnership with the University of Kent bringing a wealth of expertise and a distinguished track record in advancing our understanding of biotechnological products and processes making him an invaluable addition to our team.

“We are excited to welcome Professor Smales to our organisation,” said NIBRT’s CEO, Darrin Morrissey. “His exceptional research accomplishments and leadership in the field will undoubtedly enhance our research capabilities and contribute to our mission of helping the growth and development of the biopharma manufacturing industry by providing cutting edge training and research solutions. Professor Mark Smales shares our commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and driving innovation, and we are confident that their contributions will be instrumental in shaping the future of biopharma manufacturing.

Professor Smales’s research group in the University of Kent, work on the investigation of cultured mammalian cell processes for the purposes of producing biotherapeutics based upon proteins, gene therapies or RNAs for the treatment of disease.

As a Principal Investigator at NIBRT, Professor Mark Smales will lead a team of talented researchers, foster collaborations with other research institutions, and spearhead projects aimed at addressing some of the most pressing challenges in biopharmaceutical manufacturing research. His vision and dedication align seamlessly with the goals of NIBRT, making them an ideal fit for our research community.

Professor Mark Wass, Head of the School of Biosciences at the University of Kent said ‘We are excited to announce the joint University of Kent-NIBRT appointment of Professor Smales. The appointment offers the opportunity for Prof Smales and both institutions to develop a mutually beneficial relationship and prosperous partnership, delivering impactful science and leadership in the manufacturing of advanced biotherapeutics and recombinant protein biotherapeutics areas’

Professor Mark Smales expressed his enthusiasm about joining NIBRT: “I am honoured to become a part of NIBRT and look forward to working alongside the exceptional researchers here. Together, we will continue to advance the frontiers of biopharmaceutical manufacturing and make a positive impact on society through our collective efforts.