Yongjing Xie

Yongjing (B. Eng and M. Sc in Pharmaceutical Science, PhD in Biochemistry) joined Cell Technology Group under the supervision of Professor Michael Butler in April, 2019. She is working on a project funded by Enterprise Ireland to optimize in vitro antibody glycan remodelling by chemo-enzymatic and solution method, and investigate the potential correlation between antibody glycol-forms and their biological functions. After working in pharmaceutical industry as team lead of Pharmaceutical group and then R & D group for about three years, she received PhD scholarship from Trinity College Dublin. Her major focus was recombinant protein expression from E. Coli, purification, structural determination by solution state NMR, and conformational dynamics. After gaining her PhD in 2015, she continued to work as a Research Fellow in Trinity College Dublin, by working on different collaborative research projects funded by EI, SFI and EU, including ‘Advanced Biopharmaceutical Technology’ project to investigate the cellular metabolism of CHO cells upon interaction with extractable & leachable from single use bioreactors, and nanomedicine development for drug delivery across the blood brain barrier. She has accumulated extensive experience in mammalian cell culture optimization and bioprocess intensification, cellular metabolism profiling, recombinant biopharmaceutical therapeutics expression, antibody drug bioconjugation, drug discovery, drug delivery system development, project management and technology transfer etc.