Noemí Dorival-García

Noemí holds a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Granada, Spain, which focused on the development of analytical methods for the determination of pharmaceuticals, endocrine disruptors and emerging contaminants in environmental and biological matrices. She joined the Characterisation and Comparability Lab in 2015 on a project entitled “Facility of the future – the plastic factory, enabling single use technologies” funded by Science Foundation Ireland, focusing on the characterisation of E&L compounds from single-use technology solutions, using different mass spectrometry-based analytical techniques, and modern sample preparation approaches. She is currently part of a project entitled “Continuous Quality – Multi-Attribute Continuous Product Characterisation for Increased Process Control”, funded by Enterprise Ireland and in collaborative partnership with Pfizer, to develop an on-line real time multi-attribute CQA assessment platform using high resolution LC-MS for monoclonal antibodies and Fc fusion proteins for increased process understanding, optimisation, intensification and control.