Dr James Flynn

James joined the Cell Technology Group under the supervision of Prof. Michael Butler in May 2022 as a post-doctoral researcher. He is working on an Enterprise Ireland funded project entitled “Development of a robust optical system for on-line real-time analysis of mammalian cells during a bioprocess” with J.M Canty Ltd. James received a B.S. in Industrial Biochemistry from the University of Limerick in 2017, after which he completed and was awarded a PhD in antimicrobial biomaterials in 2021, from the University of Limerick. Prior to joining NIBRT, James continued working as an instrument scientist in the Bernal Institute (UL) bio labs, where he was responsible for the analysis of commercial and academic samples in MALDI TOF MS and chromatographic analysis of proteins, peptides and synthetic polymers and day to day lab management duties. He has accumulated extensive experience in protein/peptide analysis, microbiology, mammalian cell culture and analytical characterisation.