Pro-Reliability Solutions Training Case study

NIBRT and Pro-Reliability Solutions partner on new course ‘Managing Asset Reliability: BioPharma Process Equipment’



The biopharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated and subject to strict quality standards. It is essential that equipment and processes are reliable and operate consistently to ensure product quality and safety. However, achieving reliability can be challenging, particularly given the complexity of the equipment and processes involved.

To address these challenges and enhance industry practices, NIBRT joined forces with Pro Reliability Solutions to introduce a course titled 'Managing Asset Reliability: BioPharma Process Equipment'. This collaboration aims to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage asset reliability within the biopharmaceutical sector.

About Course

This course is designed to interactively teach participants how to develop proactive asset management strategies for bio processing equipment through the application of best practice Reliability Engineering principles. Participants explore the application of Root Cause Analysis, Asset Maintenance Strategy Optimisation, Strategy Simulation, and Work Management practices to make optimised maintenance and reliability decisions. With access to the onsite suite of biopharma manufacturing process equipment, a practical exercise is also undertaken by the class to incorporate reliability principles and methods.

Next Course: Managing Asset Reliability: BioPharma Utilities Equipment with Pro-Reliability Solutions

Duration: 2 days
Location: Onsite at NIBRT, Dublin
Next course: 19 – 20 September 2023




Course Feedback

The Managing Asset Reliability course offered by Pro-Reliability Solutions at NIBRT was a resounding success. Participants reported a significant increase in their understanding of reliability principles and best practices, and many noted that the practical exercise was particularly valuable in reinforcing this knowledge.

97% of attendees rated the course overall as excellent

100% of attendees would recommend the course to a colleague

‘’Really enjoyed the content of the course and the advantages this modelling could bring to my company’’

‘’Enjoyed the two days. Great to see case studies of these reliability projects. Really enjoyed the parallel demonstration of bio-reactor.’’

‘’A lot of great context and exploration of the software application and how the strategies tie together.’’

“Will be extremely helpful. We definitely look forward to checking out the [modelling] software.”

NIBRT is looking forward to continuing to expand our course offering in this course genre. If you are interested in a course collaboration with NIBRT in this training area please contact