New NOA Course ‘Lab Skills: Essential Lab Skills for Biopharma’

Learn fundamental and practical lab skills online with our newest on-demand course available now on NIBRT Online Academy (NOA) .

This course is designed to equip learners with fundamental and practical laboratory skills for biopharma. Learners will become familiar with key lab equipment and gain the keys skills required to work safely and accurately in a laboratory setting.

Tailored for individuals with limited or no experience of working within a good manufacturing practice (GMP) environment, this course is divided into three essential skill modules:

1. Lab Safety:

In this section, participants will learn how to ensure safety in the laboratory environment. They will learn to identify crucial lab safety equipment, choose appropriate personal protective equipment, and understand when to use a biological safety cabinet or a fume hood for different tasks.

2. Volume Measurement:

This segment focuses on mastering accurate volume measurements. Participants will define liquid handling, distinguish when to use a pipette versus glass/plastic-ware, identify common pipette types, and label the components of a micropipette. They will also learn correct aspiration and dispensing techniques, recognise accurate and precise pipette measurements, understand best practices for pipetting operations, and grasp how to read meniscus correctly.

3. Mass Measurement:

In this section, participants will delve into mass measurement principles. They will learn the difference between weight and mass, the importance of calibration, and recognise if a balance is calibrated using verification tests such as repeatability, linearity, and eccentricity tests. Learners will identify strategies to minimise weighing errors and understand the correct steps to follow when weighing substances.

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