JM Canty International Ltd and NIBRT annouce research collaboration

DUBLIN, IRELAND, 27th September 2019 – JM Canty International Ltd. and National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) are delighted to formally announce a collaboration for the advancement of a robust optical system for on-line real-time analysis of mammalian cells during a bioprocess.

The research collaboration will apply the Pharmaflow™ imaging system that has the potential for  monitoring cell viability in real time with high resolution, without the need for a cell stain. Information on cell morphology, including roundness and granularity are captured using the included Cantyvision™ software. The capturing process is non-destructive to the sample, therefore the equipment will be set up in tandem with a bench top bioreactors to provide constant analysis

The collaboration, which is funded by Enterprise Ireland, will be led by Professor Michael Butler, NIBRT and will include a newly appointed post-doctoral researcher and two other members of the NIBRT Cell Technology team.  Commenting on the collaboration Professor Butler stated “This collaboration will enable us to use the high resolution optical system developed by Canty in advanced monitoring and control protocols for bioprocesses to produce therapeutic proteins and other cellular therapies”.

Canty CEO, Tod Canty, remarked, Our collaboration with NIBRT has allowed J. M. Canty Ltd. to have access to the most advanced technology in the biotech industry and combine our innovative unique cell counting and viability method in actual working conditions in a state of the art research facility. The combination of NIBRT and CANTY is much greater that the sum of the two groups on their own”. 

Colin Dalton, Canty’s application engineer stated, This is a very exciting collaboration. Combining the expertise of the team at NIBRT with our latest high resolution dynamic imaging cell analysis system, will provide an enhanced understanding of the metabolic state of the cells during the bioprocess.”


Pictured (left to right in front row): Dr Roisin O’Flaherty (NIBRT CTG Research Manager ),Tod Canty (CEO JM Canty International Ltd),  Prof. Michael Butler (PI Cell Technology, NIBRT), Dr.Evangelia Flampouri (Post-doctoral Researcher, NIBRT), Adam Bergin (Graduate Student, NIBRT) with the Canty team.

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JM Canty International Ltd

J.M. Canty International business is centred on their fused sight glass which has a variety of applications, including those in the diving, aeronautical and biopharmaceutical industries. Their Fuseview™ sight glasses have been installed on bioreactors in various large biopharmaceutical companies. The Pharmaflow™ is a combination of both sight glass and optical technologies; cell pass between fused glass and are photographed using a high resolution camera.

National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT)

The National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) is a global centre of excellence for training and research in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. NIBRT is located in a world class facility in Dublin, Ireland. This facility is purpose built to closely replicate a modern bioprocessing plant with state-of the art equipment and enables NIBRT to offer the highest quality training and research solutions. NIBRT’s mission is to support the growth and development of all aspects of the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

Contact: Dr Roisin O’Flaherty, NIBRT CTG Research Manager