Case Study – Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions Training Experience at NIBRT

NIBRT is pleased to publish a case study based on Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions recent training experiences at NIBRT

About Watson Marlow

Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions is a globally renowned company specialising in the design and manufacture of high-quality fluid handling solutions. With a strong focus on bioprocessing and the biopharmaceutical industry, the company provides innovative products that play a critical role in various stages of biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

What Training Solutions did NIBRT provide?

Watson Marlow’s team first engaged in a 3-day training programme at NIBRT ‘Introduction to Bioprocessing’.  The training schedule included theoretical sessions on biopharmaceutical manufacturing, upstream and downstream processing, as well as practical hands-on sessions covering disposable technologies, bioreactors, harvest equipment, filtration, and chromatography.

In addition, Watson Marlow Internal Design Team participated in a 2-day course on Cell and Gene Therapies (CGT). The course provided an overview of CGT’s development and manufacture processes and the unique challenges they present to manufacturers.


The combined training experiences at NIBRT delivered valuable outcomes for Watson Marlow:

  • Increased Industry Understanding: the combination of theory and practical experience allowed the participants to gain a holistic overview of key biopharmaceutical production operations.
  • Enhanced Product Knowledge: the training provided Watson Marlow’s team with valuable insights into how their fluid handling products are utilised throughout the biopharmaceutical production process, including specific challenges Cell and Gene Therapies.
  • Specialised Insights into Biopharma Challenges: the team gained a deeper understanding of the broader biopharmaceutical industry and the specific challenges posed by CGT. This will improve the team’s ability to provide effective and meaningful solutions to clients.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: through collaborative learning in both training programmes, team members not only improved their individual skills but also strengthened their ability to work cohesively as a group, ensuring they can collectively apply their knowledge and expertise.

Trainee Feedback

‘’My perspective is from someone new to the industry. Excellent in terms of the way it was lightly introduced and then expanded upon. Very trainers’’

‘’This was so much fun, and I feel much more prepared to talk to my customers from both a supplier and process perspective’’

‘’Excellent. The hands-on practicals are far superior to any prior training I’ve had which are mostly bogged down with classroom time’’

Management Feedback

”NIBRT’s world-class facilities and custom training programmes provide our teams with invaluable opportunities to deepen their product application knowledge in the bioprocessing and CGT fields. Feedback from colleagues has been excellent, and we look forward to honing our expertise with further NIBRT custom courses that help us excel when finding solutions for our customers’ fluid path challenges.”

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