BCG & NIBRT B4.0 Innovation Centre

About B4.0 Innovation Centre

BCG and NIBRT opened the world’s first Innovation Centre dedicated to Biopharma Operations in 2019. Since the Centre’s inception, 30+ clients have benefited from tours, workshops, and virtual sessions discussing Industry 4.0 (I4.0) in the context of biopharma.

The Innovation Centre showcases the latest I4.0 technologies in Biopharma manufacturing, quality control and training excellence. Together, with core clients, BCG and NIBRT have identified key, value driven use cases at bio/pharmaceutical manufacturers. The Innovation Centre demonstrates these proof-of-concept use cases and new ways of working, situated in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) simulated environment.

Implementation of these technologies in the biopharma industry could lead to productivity improvements of up to 40%, especially when combined with Lean Production Systems & methodologies. Coupled with Generative AI, these technologies push the “art-of-the-possible” in a collaborative and engaging environment. In an industry that has typically been a digital laggard, the adoption of next generation technologies is key to establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage.


Introduction to Digitalisation
Introduction to Data Analytics

Strategic Workshops with NIBRT and Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

These customised workshops are designed for senior leaders to help develop and optimise their digital manufacturing strategies. The workshops are jointly delivered by NIBRT and BCG and based in the Innovation Centre of Operations (ICO) at NIBRT.

The ICO provides a testbed for a wide range of 4.0 technologies and their application to use cases in biopharma manufacturing. Workshops are customised to meet a client’s particular requirements but would typically include current trends in digital transformation, case studies, assessment of 4.0 technologies (such as mixed reality and data analytics) which have been deployed in the ICO.

The blueprint contains a set of 100+ key digital use cases prioritized by value. The current innovation centre is divided into five rooms and demonstrates 30 of these key use cases, from a range of suppliers:


Who are workshops suitable for?

What former workshop particpants said about us:

''5-10% reduction in Cost of Goods Sold and improved agility''

“10-20% improvement in yield and plant overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)''

“30% reduction in process deviations and compliance issues”

“70% reduction in missed on-time-in-full availability”

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