Webinar: ”The Quantum Leap to GxP 4.0 – Digital Tech Transfer & E-validation” 3rd March 2022 | 15.00 GMT

The Quantum Leap to GxP 4.0 – Digital Tech Transfer & E-validation

NIBRT invites you to join us for our latest free webinar ”The Quantum Leap to GxP 4.0 – Digital Tech Transfer & E-validation”. This webinar focuses on presentations from a leading e-validation vendor, Kneat, and a rep from multi-national biopharmaceutical manufacturer, MSD, as they present their 4.0 success stories. 

Type: Webinar
When: Thursday 3rd March 2022, 15.00 GMT
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Key Speakers

Kelly Browne , MSD Dunboyne – QA Systems Specialist 

Jamie O’Donnell, Kneat – Process Engineering Manager

This webinar will present two exciting use cases:

1. A paperless solution to your validation requirements on site, revolutionising our validation undertakings, by reducing the huge burden of paperwork generation and completion.
2. An exciting and inspiring case study on tech transfer in a GMP laboratory, using mixed reality (MR) solutions. Using MR for remote assistance has enabled process tech transfer activities to continue, despite inability to travel between sites during COVID. MR facilitates the virtual presence of experts to guide users through task execution.