Upcoming Webinar: Accelerating Workforce Readiness – Fast-tracking New Hires from “the door to the production floor” with NIBRT’s Online Academy NOA

Are you looking to upskill a team or new hires in the fundamentals of biopharma manufacturing? Join us for an insightful webinar as we unveil how NIBRT’s cutting-edge NIBRT Online Academy (NOA) can fast-track your employee training process.


The time it takes for employees to transition from the entrance door to becoming fully functional on the production floor can significantly impact your organisation’s success. At NIBRT, we understand this pain point, and that’s why we’ve developed NOA – an innovative online platform designed to accelerate workforce readiness.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Gain Employee Development Insights: Hear from NIBRT’s CCO Killian O’Driscoll who will discuss current global trends on biopharma workforce development, overcoming common challenges and best practices for optimising workforce training.
  • Uncover NOA for Trainees: Learn how NOA’s carefully crafted modules, interactive simulations, and real-world scenarios empower new hires with the knowledge and skills they need to hit the ground running.
  • Explore NOA Group Administration for Employers: Insights into efficient group onboarding, automated reporting and bulk discount arrangements to make onboarding a team as efficient, painless and cost effective as possible.

Join us for a new outlook on the way you train and integrate new employees, ensuring they move from the entrance door to the production floor with speed and effectiveness.

  1. View webinar recording with passcode: here (passcode yzy0mh=!)
  2. View webinar slides: here
  3. View NOA brochure: here
  4. Take a free sample course ‘Bioreactor Operations’ here