NIBRT Supports the Life Science Innovation Campaign from Mediaplanet

NIBRT was delighted to support and contribute to the Life Science Innovation Campaign from Mediaplanet

NIBRT contributed two articles to the campaign that were available in print and online. The campaign provides information on Ireland’s continual growth as a global life sciences hub, providing an insightful look at the innovation and cross sector collaboration, and most influential advances in research and development from key thought leaders. View full online campaign here


ATMPs: Ireland is catching the next wave of biopharma innovation: Darrin Morrissey, CEO NIBRT

Ireland’s global leadership in biopharma manufacturing is an excellent foundation on which to build a new leadership position in the development, manufacture, supply and adoption of advanced therapies and vaccines.

Over the last 15-20 years, Ireland has established itself as a global leader in biopharmaceutical manufacturing and has had great success in attracting multinational companies to establish manufacturing operations across the country. Biopharma foreign direct investment (FDI) has topped €10 billion over the last decade, with over 40,000 people now directly employed in a sector that contributes over €40 billion in national exports annually1.

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Digital transformation is the key to a successful biopharma operation: Mohamed Noor: Digitalisation Manager NIBRT  

With digitalisation being the next frontier in biotechnology, having access to a skilled workforce will be as critical as having the right infrastructure.

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that a combined regulatory and industry cooperation can pave the way towards rapid developments in the face of crisis.

Existing manufacturing facilities were rapidly repurposed and additional workforce were hired to meet the demand for COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing, while still meeting patients’ medical requirements for other diseases. At the same time, COVID-19 shows that biopharmaceutical manufacturing can be improved, new modalities should continue to be explored and the learnings from other industries will need to be tapped into.

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