NIBRT Strategy 2024-2028

NIBRT. Advancing biologics manufacturing. Helping bring life-changing medicines to patients.
Our Vision


NIBRT’s mission is to address the important needs of the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry in Ireland and internationally, and ultimately to help deliver biologic-based medicines to people who need them.

To deliver this mission, we:

  • Train the people who make life changing medicines.
  • Undertake research that grows the fundamental understanding of complex biopharmaceuticals.
  • Deliver impactful solutions that advance the processes for manufacturing biologic medicines.

NIBRT Strategy 2024 - 2028

The process of developing the  NIBRT strategic business plan 2024-2028 concluded in late 2023. By engaging with a range of stakeholders and analysing the wider biopharma operational environment, a number of important trends were identified. 

In response to these trends and associated opportunities, and aligned with NIBRT’s core mission, NIBRT has developed an ambitious strategy that focuses on five strategic priorities. This new strategy and associated business plan for the period 2024-2028 has been approved by the NIBRT Board, and core operational and capital-based state investment has been approved by the Board of IDA Ireland for delivery over the next five years.



Based on our analysis of the market, stakeholder consultations (including with staff and clients) and our assessment of the evolving global environment, NIBRT will focus on five key strategic priorities for 2024-2028, summarised as follows:

NIBRT Culture

NIBRT strives to foster a highly open, inclusive, progressive, and innovation-friendly workplace, which recognises excellent performance while also respecting diversity and equality in all aspects of our activity.  Our culture is created by our people and guided by our set of values depicted in CIRCLES.

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