NIBRT launch new eLearning course “Trends in Biopharma” on the a award winning NIBRT Online Academy.

NIBRT is delighted to announce the launch of a new eLearning course  “Trends in Biopharma” on the a award winning NIBRT Online Academy

This course will look at the current state of biopharmaceutical manufacturing and examine some of the drivers of change. It will also look at how methods and technologies, both in facility and equipment design, are facilitating manufacturing advances.  

The NIBRT Online Academy is growing substantially and now offers 45 modules on all aspects of biopharma manufacturing, including free courses and webinars. These courses allow trainees who may not be able to attend NIBRT to experience NIBRT quality training, online. Courses can be purchased individually and volume discounts are available for group purchases.

In a recent case study:

  • 95% of employees would recommend the NOA courses
  • 79% of supervisors believe the NOA courses were a good investment
  • 87.5% of supervisors reported that the courses were useful for their direct reports

We look forward to seeing you on the NOA platform,

The NIBRT Team

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