NIBRT Hosts Global Partner Summit 2024

NIBRT was delighted to welcome delegates to our annual Global Partner Summit event, which gathers current and prospective members of the NIBRT Global Partner Training Programme to foster collaboration and drive innovation in the biopharma industry. This year, the event included an invigorating three days of workshops, site visits, and networking.

The NIBRT-led international alliance comprises esteemed training and education organisations from across the globe, including Canada, South Korea, the USA, Australia, and Senegal. The programme addresses the global shortage of skilled biopharma professionals by licensing NIBRT’s expertise. Qualified organisations utilize a biopharma training and education curriculum created in Ireland by NIBRT to build biopharma capabilities in their regions. For more information on the NIBRT Global Partner Programme, click here.

The NIBRT Global Partner Programme currently includes the following organisations:

CASTL Canada: Dedicated to addressing talent needs in the bioscience sector, CASTL delivers NIBRT’s specialised training tailored for the biopharmaceutical industry in Canada. CASTL’s three learning streams – New Skilling, Reskilling, and Upskilling – equip professionals with the expertise needed to thrive in this dynamic field. For more information click here

K-NIBRT South Korea: Scheduled to open in 2025, the K-NIBRT facility aims to establish industry-leading biopharmaceutical manufacturing training in the Asia-Pacific region. This initiative highlights NIBRT’s commitment to global knowledge exchange and capacity building in biopharma manufacturing. For more information click here

BioHub Maryland: As a catalyst for the life sciences industry, BioHub Maryland accelerates innovation and fosters career development in the state. By offering skills training, career resources, and access to a vast network of job opportunities, BioHub Maryland is instrumental in driving the growth of the life sciences sector. For more information click here

San Jacinto College, USA: San Jacinto College plays a crucial role in meeting the workforce needs of the biopharma industry in the USA by delivering NIBRT’s specialised training programs, ensuring a pipeline of skilled professionals. For more information click here

Institut Pasteur de Dakar, Senegal: Since its establishment in 1924, Institut Pasteur de Dakar has been at the forefront of advancing equitable and affordable healthcare access in Africa. For more information click here

NIBRT was also pleased to welcome representatives from the IDA, World Health Organisation (WHO), BARDA, ATU Sligo, MassLifeScience, and NIMBL.

The NIBRT Global Partner Summit underscores NIBRT’s commitment to international collaboration and excellence in biopharma education and training. By working together, every member of the programme is helping advance the expertise and skills necessary to meet the future needs of the biopharma industry worldwide.