Medicines of the Future, Friday the 24th of May 2024



NIBRT’s research conference will be taking place on the 24th of May. As a globally recognised institute for biopharmaceutical research and training, NIBRT is proud to offer this platform for collaboration and innovation, fostering discourse on the future of medicines.


Our conference will gather experts, researchers, and industry professionals to explore the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities in the development and manufacture of advanced therapeutics.


The conference will include:


  • Engaging keynote presentations by renowned experts in biopharmaceuticals and drug development.
  • Poster sessions showcasing cutting-edge research and breakthroughs in biopharma manufacturing.
  • Networking opportunities with peers, collaborators, and industry leaders.


The event will feature an esteemed lineup of speakers, including Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert from Oxford University. Professor Gilbert led the team responsible for developing the vaccine that has been pivotal in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Professor Nicki Panoskaltsis, a distinguished expert in Personalised Therapeutics from Trinity College Dublin and St. James's Hospital, will explore the evolving field of Personalised Therapy in her ‘Back to the Future’ talk. Renowned Haematologist Dr. Larry Bacon, the clinical lead for the National Adult CAR-T Centre at St James’s Hospital and Clinical Senior Lecturer at Trinity’s School of Medicine, will deliver a presentation titled ‘CAR-T Cell Therapy – Past, Present, and Future’.

We are also privileged to be hosting esteemed industry leaders and experts such as Dr. Brian Harrison, Managing Director of HiTechHealth, Dr. Bernie Sweeney, Head of the Cell Expression Centre of Excellence, Bio R&D at Lonza, and Dr. Brian Philip, Principal Cell and Gene Therapy Scientist at CONCEPT.  NIBRT's world-class Principal Investigators, including Professors Sakis Mantalaris, Anne Moore, and Mark Smales, will further enrich the sessions with their extensive expertise, alongside a series of short talks from NIBRT researchers.



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