Kerry Inc. and NIBRT announce a cell culture media research collaboration


DUBLIN, IRELAND, 28th August 2019 – Kerry Inc. and National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) are delighted to formally announce a collaboration for the chemical identification of bioactive components in hydrolysates.

The research collaboration will explore plant-derived hydrolysates that have been used for many years as food additives and nutraceuticals in media and feed formulation for the biopharmaceutical industry.  The collaboration will identify and characterise bioactive components in the hydrolysates. The aim is to identify markers that could be used to identify growth and/or protein producing promoters/inhibitors in hydrolysates which could eventually lead to the formulations of fully chemically-defined media (CDM) for use in biopharma manufacturing.

The collaboration, which is funded by Enterprise Ireland, will be led by Professor Michael Butler, NIBRT and will include two newly appointed post-doctoral researchers.  Commenting on the collaboration Professor Butler stated “We are very pleased to be able to collaborate with Kerry on a research programme that will enhance the potential for cell growth and productivity of bioprocesses that lead to the biomanufacture of important therapeutic proteins”.

Kerry’s Global R&D Director Cell Nutrition, Chaya Kataru, remarked, “As market leaders in hydrolysates, this was a natural progression for us to understand hydrolysates at a granular level. This project takes one step towards scientifically understanding and defining the “art of” hydrolysate making”. 

Hans Huttinga, Kerry’s VP Business Development Cell Nutrition stated, “Such collaborations are the future in generating more robust processes and products that benefit the industry as a community and ultimately patients being catered by our biopharma industry.”
(Pictured; (left to right), Roisin O’Flaherty (NIBRT Research Manager ), Prof. Michael Butler (CSO, NIBRT), Dr. Andrew Quigley (Post-doctoral Researcher, NIBRT), Hans Huttinga (Vice President Business Development Cell Nutrition, Kerry), Dr. Ismael Obaidi (Post-doctoral Researcher, NIBRT), Dr. Chaya Kataru (Global RD&A Director Cell Nutrition, Kerry)

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