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MSc in Biopharmaceutical Science – ATU Sligo / Research


The research thesis topic must be related to the biopharmaceutical field of study and where appropriate may be based on a problem or case-study that is of particular interest to the student. Individual supervision will be given to each student by NIBRT and IT Sligo trainers with industry experience. Assessment of the research project will include an online viva voce.

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T. Ahern

Eli Lilly

"The MSc course will expand your opportunities in the workplace and place you in a position to take on more varied and interesting roles."

M. McLoughlin


"The course will give you a good understand of a broad range of topics and areas in the biopharma space. I found the range of topics covered very useful, even though I was already working in the industry."

F. O'Donovan

Merck Sharp Dohme

"This MSc programme had a very significant impact on my career development, and not just from qualifying. The advantages started from when I enrolled. To be able to tell senior management that I was studying for an MSc qualification was very beneficial career-wise."

J. Kennes

Jannsen Biologics B.V.

"I think of it as a very good course with very professional teachers and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in doing an MSc course in this field."