Cleanrooms and Cleanroom Behaviour Course

Cleanrooms and Cleanroom Behaviour Course

NIBRT are pleased to announce the launch of our new ‘Cleanrooms and Cleanroom Behaviour’ Course on Our Online Academy – NOA. This is a 45 minute online interactive course that users can access anytime for 90 days after registration.

Course Description

There are many possible sources of contamination in a cleanroom and in this course we will start off by defining what a cleanroom is and you will look at the different classes of cleanrooms.

You will also explore the contamination entry routes. In addition, you will analyse the do’s and don’ts when working in a cleanroom with a focus on how personnel can reduce their contamination impact.

During this scenario-based course, you will follow Kevin and Dermot in a series of instructional videos. You will learn by engaging in 360 VR interactions and animations. Kevin and Dermot are completing ‘real-world’ tasks in different areas of a cleanroom and report back to their manager, Shada. 

At the end of this interactive course, you will be able to:

  • Define the term ‘cleanroom’
  • Describe the difference between controlled areas and critical areas
  • Describe the types of contamination that can be found in a cleanroom
  • Describe why people are the biggest source of contamination in a cleanroom
  • Explain the risk of contamination from personnel working in a cleanroom
  • List best practices when working in a cleanroom

Course Duration: approx. 45 mins.

Certificate of Completion: Yes 

Course Access: 90 days

Price: €121

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