MSD Dunboyne Biologics Training Case study

MSD Dunboyne Logistics

MSD Dunboyne Biologics is a state-of-the-art biologics manufacturing facility. The Dunboyne site is the most recent addition to the MSD Group, joining the network in September of 2020. MSD Dunboyne Biologics was specifically designed with expansion capabilities allowing for operations to ramp up as production shifts to meet the needs of the patient. Our aim is to deliver the medicines of tomorrow that will positively impact the lives of patients across the world.

MSD Dunboyne Biologics partnered with NIBRT to building manufacturing capability as we advanced through start-up phase, technology transfer and subsequent commercial manufacture.


NIBRT facilitates a variety of training including classroom training, practical sessions and the NIBRT Online Academy (NOA) enabling our team of Manufacturing Biotech Associates, Quality Control Analysts and Engineering Biotech Associates to build the capability that is instrumental to ensuring Dunboyne Biologics has a successful right first-time start-up of product.  

The NIBRT Site Sponsor, Kate Cotter, supported our training requirements throughout to help MSD deliver for our customer by advancing our knowledge and skills.


MSD Dunboyne Premises

NIBRT Bioprocessing Course - Biotech Associate

We asked one of our MSD graduates, Tobi Motunrayo Sojinrin, who recently entered the industry and joined our site, to reflect on her experience with NIBRT training.

How did you find out about the training?

I initially learnt about the NIBRT bioprocessing course through my colleagues who had completed it previously and spoke highly of the experience. I was later informed by my People Lead that our company, MSD Dunboyne Biologics, would be sending us on the two-week Bioprocessing course tailored towards.

How was your learning?

Personally, I found the course great. The highlight was the practical aspect of the training, as someone who is a hands-on learner, myself and my colleagues had the opportunity to practice our techniques and brush up on our skills in Aseptic Processing, Final Fill, chromatography and filtration. After completing the two-week Bioprocessing course, I was also enrolled on the NIBRT Online Academy (NOA) e-course which provides information on key aspects of Biopharma manufacturing. The courses are easily accessible and can be found at (, the range of topics include the various aspects of Upstream & Downstream processing and Process Validation. In addition, the NIBRT trainers themselves were very pleasant, attentive, and knowledgeable, which greatly improved my learning experience.

How did you find your course delivery?

As a person with no previous experience in manufacturing, the content was delivered in a way people with no prior GMP and manufacturing experience could comprehend the tasks at hand. The practicals were directly relevant to the lecture content which helped reinforce what we learnt during the lectures. The NIBRT trainers were also very engaging, helpful, and patient which put me at ease and allowed me to learn at my own pace.