Biopharma Focus on the Future Conference

NIBRT hosts the Biopharma Focus on the Future Conference, a landmark event bringing together leading experts in the field of biopharmaceutical manufacturing to explore the latest advances in biotechnology and manufacturing science. The conference is a significant opportunity to showcase Ireland’s thriving biopharma research ecosystem and further develop the country’s reputation as a hub of innovation and expertise in the field of biopharma manufacturing.

The conference is attended today by 100 delegates, including Minister Simon Coveney, who made opening remarks and spoke about the importance of the biopharma industry to Ireland’s economy and the role that NIBRT plays in supporting its growth.

Throughout the day, attendees will engage with internationally recognised academic experts and distinguished speakers present, including Professor Kelvin Lee, Director of the National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL), and Professor Bruce Levine, Founding Director of the Clinical Cell and Vaccine Production Facility at the University of Pennsylvania. The event will also be livestreamed with over 400 delegates from around the world registered to view online over the course of the day.

Topics that will be covered at the conference include advanced analytical characterisation of biologics and advanced therapies, systems biology for biopharmaceutical manufacturing, application of data science for biopharma manufacturing, cell and gene therapy manufacturing science and technology, clinical research, and regulatory science for new modalities.

During the conference, NIBRT will also introduce attendees to its new Advanced Therapeutics extension to the Institute which is scheduled for final completion at the end of May 2023. This €21 million project, funded by IDA Ireland and the Irish Government, will significantly increase NIBRT’s capacity to conduct manufacturing-focused research and training in advanced therapy areas including cell and gene therapies, mRNA and oligo nucleotides and novel vaccines. The 1,800mbuilding extension will feature five dedicated laboratories for advanced therapy research and two new training suites. The launch of this state-of-the-art facility, further cements Ireland’s position as a leader in biopharmaceutical manufacturing research, training, and innovation.

“We are honoured to have hosted the Biopharma Focus on the Future Conference and to have had such a distinguished group of speakers and attendees, including Minister Coveney,” said Darrin Morrissey, CEO of NIBRT. “This conference is vital to placing Ireland at the centre of innovation in the field. We at NIBRT are very proud to be playing an important role helping to drive the development of the biopharmaceutical industry in Ireland.”

Speaking at the conference today Minister Coveney commented ‘’ It has been a pleasure to be here today at the Biopharma Focus on the Future 2023 Research Conference and to open the new IDA-funded €21M expansion to the NIBRT facility.

With its focus on the future and innovative collaboration, NIBRT is a wonderful example of what Ireland offers to the world. NIBRT provides training and research to thousands, and with valued global partners in the US, Canada, South Korea, China and Australia, this centre reaches far beyond the Irish ecosystem. NIBRT epitomises what makes Ireland a key location on the global pharmaceutical map and the Irish Government is committed to growing the industry here. This expansion will further embed Ireland in the global biopharma sector.”

Michael Lohan, CEO of IDA Ireland, said, “The expansion of NIBRT to respond to innovation in the biopharma sector greatly adds to Ireland’s reputation as a global location of excellence for next-generation biopharmaceutical products. IDA Ireland continues to partner with, and support NIBRT to ensure that Ireland is well positioned to support companies in advanced therapeutic areas. The completion of NIBRT’s Advanced Therapeutics extension in May 2023, will be a significant development for the biopharma industry in Ireland.’#