NIBRT Publish Astellas Training Case Study

NIBRT Publish a Training Case Study Featuring Astellas Trainees

About Astellas

Astellas is at the forefront of healthcare change in turning innovative science into value for patients. The Astellas business philosophy is to “Contribute towards improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products’’.

What training has NIBRT provided to Astellas?

NIBRT have a strong relationship with Astellas, working together on training courses for over 10 years. NIBRT have delivered training to Astellas online, onsite in NIBRT and onsite at Astellas. NIBRT were delighted to develop a two-day course for the Astellas Graduate programme delivered in June 2022 that this case study is based on.

Over the two days, this course delivered theoretical sessions in the classroom in NIBRT on the core unit operations of the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process from upstream to downstream to fill finish. Each theoretical session was complimented by a hands-on practical training of the equipment in these areas.

How did participants rate training at NIBRT?

86% of trainees rated our trainers as excellent

85% of trainees were very likely to recommend this course to a friend

86% of trainees were very satisfied with the overall training experience at NIBRT

What did trainees say about NIBRT?

Christine Collins – Quality Control Chemist Graduate; ‘’Taking time away from the office is important for training because it gives an insight into different areas in STEM. In Astellas we would not see a lot of the areas we are seeing here’’.

Kevin Byrnes – QA Operations Specialist; ‘’This work will benefit me in the work that I do. I would definitely recommend the NIBRT course. What stood out me was the fact that all the speakers had great expertise and subject knowledge and were able to answer any questions we had’’

Aaron Cosgrave – Quality Control Chemist Graduate; ‘’I would definitely recommend the NIBRT course.  It goes deep into the detail on the biopharmaceutical industry especially biopharmaceutical products ranging from the function of the biopharmaceutical product to the structure and how it is produced in industry’’.