Analytical Ultracentrifugation Meeting 2019

On Thursday 21st November 2019, Labplan will host the Analytical Ultracentrifugation Meeting 2019 at NIBRT.

The meeting will discuss a robust technique for the characterization of macro molecules and nanoparticles, and their associations and aggregations, according to their mass, size and shape in solution. This primary technique characterizes macromolecules and particles while they float free with very few restrictions for buffers and a low risk for artefacts aiding the characterization of samples that are complex, heterogeneous, weakly interacting, non covalently bound macromolecules and nano structures.

Speakers include:

“Sedimentation & Diffusion Analysis for Macromolecule & Nanoparticle characterization: Developments from the early years until today & tomorrow”
Dr. Lutz Ehrhardt, Beckman Coulter, Marketing Manager Centrifugation

“Virus Characterization Results & non ideal or high concentration formulations”
Dr. Alexander Bepperling , Lab Head Biophysical Characterization II , Global Drug Development, Hexal AG

AUC Insight 1: “Sample concentration in the AUC and the relevance of AUC data for the mass of complexes, aggregation content or association constants”
Dr. Lutz Ehrhardt, Beckman Coulter, Marketing Manager Centrifugation

AUC Insight 2: “Assessing the quality of adeno associated virus gene therapy vectors by sedimentation velocity analysis”
Dr. Anthony Curran, Beckman Coulter, Specialist Analytical Ultracentrifugation

Further information is available from  AUC Meeting Agenda and interested parties should RSVP to