Viral vector production for gene therapy

Viral vectors are key gene delivery vehicles used at the frontier of modern medicine – in gene therapies, cell therapies, and vaccines.

The online training bundle covers the whole production process – upstream, downstream, and analytics – with a focus on gene therapy. The 9-hour self-paced training includes 6 hours lecture + 3 hours recordings (13 videos) of laboratory demonstrations.

In these courses you’ll:

  • Learn about upstream cell culture and transfection.
  • Explore cell culture scale-up, including expansion techniques and bioreactors used for adherent and suspension cells.
  • Dive into clarification and concentration techniques – tangential flow and depth filtration, respectively – and discuss their limitations.
  • Discuss anion exchange and affinity column chromatography techniques, including empty vs full separation.
  • Examine analytical assays used for QC.

Are these courses for me?

Yes, if you’re in biopharma or gene therapy and interested in learning about start-to-finish viral vector production.

Course information

  • Duration – 9 hours total; self-paced
  • Location – online
  • Price – € 600.00
  • Visit the course offering page to see full agenda.