The Medicine Maker & NIBRT Trends in Biopharma 2018

Industry 4.0 represents the adoption of intelligent, data-driven approaches to manufacturing that are already bringing tangible advantages to other sectors.
But what about biopharma? Is Industry 4.0 all-empowering or all hype?

NIBRT & The Medicine Maker are proud to launch the “Biopharma Trends 2018: Towards Industry 4.0” event.

The event will include international experts from The Medicine Maker Power List, NIBRT, and the wider biopharmaceutical industry coming together to debate the feasibility of Industry 4.0 – and discuss elements of the fourth industrial revolution that are already making a mark on biopharma manufacturing.

Click here to view the full agenda, download the NIBRT & The Medicine Maker BioPharma Trends 2018 Report and register your interest.