Evangelia Flampouri

Evangelia received a BSc and MSc degree in Biotechnology from the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), Greece (2007, 2009). She was then awarded a NSRF Scholarship to complete a PhD in cell biology. This work involved the development of mammalian cell based bio-electrochemical assays for cell viability assessment of xenobiotics that inhibit mitochondrial respiration. For this project Evangelia worked on the integration of conductive polymers with mammalian cells using various biochemical and electrochemistry assays. After the completion of her PhD she took a position as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Cell Technology Laboratory at AUA working on folic acid functionalized nanoparticles for the development of a biosensor assessing folate targeting in breast cancer cells. In parallel, she was temporarily employed as a part-time Lecturer at AUA, where she taught Pharmacognosy for 2 academic semesters. After moving to Ireland in 2018, Evangelia worked on an EI Commercialisation Fund at Technological University Dublin for the development of a fish cell biosensor for environmental toxicity analysis. For this project she worked on 2D and 3D cell culture formats and on designing toxicity assays and cell longevity studies for evaluating biosensor performance. Evangelia is currently working on an EI funded project, in conjunction with Canty Process Technology aiming on the development of an automated live cell imaging system for assaying changes in cellular homeostasis during a bioprocess. At present, Evangelia has published 10 peer reviewed publications, co-authored a book chapter and served as a co-editor of a CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group book.