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Generation of biosimilar characterisation data for use in regulatory submission

Bridging data between CE-LIF and UPLC-FLR N-glycan profiling methods

Development and qualification of an improved method to quantify NANA and NGNA sialic acids present on a therapeutic glycoprotein

Characterisation of a biotherapeutic in early-stage drug development

A Quality by Design approach: Development and qualification of a method for critical quality attribute monitoring during biotherapeutic product

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Post-Translational Modification (PTM) identification and monitoring of biotherapeutic stability samples

A mass spectrometry approach to identify problematic Host Cell Proteins (HCPs)

Using Sedimentation-Velocity Analytical Ultracentrifugation (SV-AUC) to quantify and compare fragments and aggregation

N-glycan characterization of a complex biotherapeutic before and after process change to comply with ICH Q5E guidelines

Development of a cIEF method to determine the charge isoform distribution of a complex biotherapeuric which exhibits a low pI